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Well.. how do I start?Hello! My name is Neo, or formely called Hope, Techa, Paddle, Vincent.Im a Bisexual.
I have ADHD and.. stupid.
He/her, by the way. But I really dont care lol
I'm very sensitive and im in an extremely depressive state.Obsessed with the Internet and tons of other fandoms like: Undertale, Bug Fables, FNF, Mandela Catalogue, Among Us, BFDI, Cookie Run, ETC.

Days until my birthday.

    Not much to put, I'm not much of an artist but I dont have much self confidence in myself as im insecure and not social if i dont know you, I feel comfortable around certain people and friends though, I like making FNF covers and such, making OCS, playing sum ps4, roblox, minecraft, anything really.Triggers: Mentions of suicide, (excluding gore art of any time, as long as it doesnt have to do with anything gorey mentioned or irl.), Drama (though it is a normal thing I experience), And more, I'd perfer not to list everything.Really, theres not that much lol.But let's explore a little more, shall we?

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    Welcome to the very special place. Where you can see the random things I cherish.

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    Croi (Fig)